Take Nothing Leave Everything / Monoliths. 7"

by take nothing, leave everything

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Released by Girls Cartel Records and Don't Live Like Me Records

Artwork by Matthew Wallenstein

'Smother', 'Common Graves', and 'Philadelphia, PA' was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Bisson in May of 2014 @ Audio Geography in Bethel, CT.

'After Dark' and 'May Have Been, Before' were recorded and mixed @ The Office Recording by Mike Moschetto in the summer of 2014.
Mastered @ The Atomic Garden by Jack Shirley


released January 8, 2015

Take Nothing, Leave Everything is Matt and Alexa

We played our first show with MONOLITHS. in a skate park. Their energy blew me away beyond belief and I think even that night I talked to kehan about doing a split together. I am beyond humbled to be working with such talented musicians.

Steph and girls cartel have been instrumental in the progress of tn/le as a unit.

So honored to be working with these humans.

Thank you to pain; for being the biggest motivator on earth. And thank you to death; for being the only thing that is certain. These three songs are a little heavier than previous work, mainly to reflect the subject matter. Smother is about the thoughts I had before I attempted suicide and Philadelphia, PA is about the moments before and after that day. Common graves is code orange worship.


Monoliths. are Christian, Kehan, Matt, and Brian.

"We'd like to thank TN,LE for being there since the beginning and encouraging what we like to do with the tunes we forge. Our love for them is unconditional and we look forward to a bright future between the both of us. A big thank you to Steph from Girls Cartel Records for supporting both bands and helping us make this release happen.

Lyrics were written shortly following a night of witnessing a Swans performance, accidentally dropping acid, and walking home from West Roxbury to Brighton at 1 AM without being killed in the process."



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take nothing, leave everything New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: Smother
She can't erase me if i erase myself first.
Living without her, or leaving the earth.
We'll see who hurts worse
We'll find out what hurts worse
Track Name: Common Graves
No gods
No master
This life
Or here after
Track Name: Philadelphia, PA
I wipe sweat onto my palms and on to my knees.
I dig my feet into Philadelphia concrete.

Today I will drink myself to sleep, or just enough to help me forget everything.

Last week I put a gun into my mouth and I was too weak to escape the earth.
I will forget about her even if it kills me.
Track Name: Monoliths. - After Dark
thirteen thoughts
clouds clot
with encapsulated numbness
in my chest
comprehension, a maturing redwood
moment by moment by moment
creeping further into dead space
observing universe accurately
solution for this corroded soul
encouraged greatly
nonexistence is existence
crushed under the existential pressure that proves to be innate

peering beyond the infinite darkness
an arm reaches out
a light grip on the index
ludicrous latch
black vacuum compensation

existence commence
thorn behind eyes
aging gnaws the time
devour oneself
recognize this
visual hallucination
a compromise
spitting an image similar to myself
lost inside an abandoned mine
slips into the muscle breach
euphoria willows the front lines
bright blue pipe inside my voice
death feasting upon my luscious life

I felt it ferment
I felt it in my brain
I felt myself die
I felt life drain
no surprise
deceased since birth
never content with life
only at the conclusion
is when everything's alright.
Track Name: Monoliths. - May Have Been, Before
never-ending envy of the unborn
notions of non-existence satisfy me
In locations I dare not explore

suitable solace
within fruitless existence
leading me to understand
a desire to die, was no conflict

clean conscious at a calm center
speaking internally cements me
inability to complete this conversion to thought
leaves me broken, at the bottom
born to exist

bleeding inside of my brain to suppress
abandon me awaiting the inevitable
solitary confinement increase

infinite caress
and you arrived in my life
plucking at me
clawing behind my eyes
consummating your personal space

clean conscious at a calm center
speaking internally cements me
inability to complete this conversion to thought
leaves me broken, at the bottom
born to exist

laying, playing with dirt
wishing to someday return
into the breach
compressed crushing darkness
comfort me